Yes, we require a deposit payment, generally between $250 and $400. It is due at the time of booking along with your signed contract. Payment of the deposit is made to our company PayPal page, to which you will be sent a link.
Yes, your booking agent is always willing to make recommendations and help you in selecting the music for your event!
1. Reserve your date! Once you are in touch with a representative and you have given the details of your event, you will be asked to review and sign a contract. You will also be sent is a link to make your deposit via Paypal to reserve your date. You do NOT need a Paypal account to do so. The deposit will be deducted from the balance, which will be due at least 2 weeks prior to your event. You may also may by check. 2. Select your music! After we have received your signed contract and deposit, you will receive an email confirmation. Within that email will also be instructions for the next step in the process - selecting your music! Once you have selected the songs you would like for the different parts of the ceremony, we will ask you to fill out a form (the “Music Worksheet”) and submit it to us. This form provides us and the musicians all the details we will need for you day - timing, order, cues, important notes. Etc. Once you submit this form, we will review it, ensuring we have all the necessary information and confirm the details with you! 3. Meet your Music Coordinator! As the day of your event draws closer, your Music Coordinator will reach out to introduce him/herself to you and finalize any last-minute details. The Music Coordinator, also known as the “Group Leader,” will be your main point-of-contact in the weeks leading up to the event. 4. Enjoy the success of your amazing event!
How do we choose the music we would like?
As we specialize in string ensembles, our team of musicians in each city consists of string, brass, and woodwind players. Because of the nature of the music performance industry - playing in orchestras, for operas, in recording sessions, teaching, etc. - we have worked with musicians of all types. We thus have a wide network of musicians available to us, and we are willing to source these musicians for you. If you would like these musicians to perform with The Allianz Music Ensembles at your event (i.e. - a singer, a trumpet player, etc), we require a 30-minute day-of rehearsal. Please inquire for more information.
• Some instruments, particularly string instruments, are extremely valuable and are susceptible to damage when exposed to certain climatic variations, such as rain, direct sunlight and temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the musicians must be provided with shelter from rain and direct sunlight. There must be no precipitation, and the temperature must be at least 60 degrees.
Overtime will be billed at the rate of $50 per half-hour per musician (overtime starts 10 min after the contracted time)
Which is the best? What do you recommend?
What ensemble choices do you offer?
When is the remaining balance due and how do I pay it?
How do you charge? And can I get a quote?
When you make your booking, we send you a form that you are to complete – providing us with all the details for your booking. On this form you can select the styles of music you would like to have. For a wedding ceremony you can let us know what you would like for the key parts of the ceremony (processional, signing of the register and recessional). If you need any help choosing the music please do not hesitate to ask
We quote from the time we start playing to the time we finish/leave. Therefore, if you require Allianz Music Ensemble to play at two different venues, or there is a break between ceremony and reception (at the same venue) – the time spent waiting or travelling is quoted as if we were playing. We quote on our time. This is because the quartet would not be able to accept additional engagements/bookings whilst waiting to play at your reception.
What if I want to hire a singer or harpist or any other musician not listed as a choice?
What does Allianz Music Ensemble require in terms of space and equipment?
I would like you to play at my wedding and reception. They are at different locations. What are the charges?
What do the musicians wear?
Do you require a deposit and when is it due?
The remaining balance is due at least 2 weeks before your event. You can choose to either send the remaining balance as check/money order direct to your Music Coordinator at his/her address (which we will provide) or you may opt to pay the remaining balance to our company PayPal page, with an additional 3% of the remaining balance. If you wish to pay the entire balance upfront, we require the payment be made via PayPal and with an additional 3%.
What if my booking runs overtime/late – What are the fees?
The travel is FREE when the destination is less than 25 miles away from Charleston Metro Area. When the destination is more than 25 miles away a travel fee of $1 per mile per musician is applied. (ex: 60 miles away will be charged $60 per musician)
Since our pricing is based upon ensemble choice and time (as well as other details such as travel, musical arrangements, etc.), we need to first know all the details about your event! We will contact you via email to discuss your needs and the corresponding price.
Will there be any travel expenses?
We usually allow about 10mins per hour (not applicable to ceremony only bookings).
• A string ensemble requires very little space! For a string quartet, we require a space of 10’x6’, and for a string trio, a space of 6’x6’. • We require 1 straight-backed chair without arms be provided for each musician. We ask that chairs be set up in the exact location of performance before our musicians arrive for your event. It’s also helpful if there is a designated area for the musician’s personal belongings and cases to keep the performance area tidy.
Will you need to take breaks?
What happens if I cancel?
Having the music coordinator attend the rehearsal is optional. We are highly experienced with any type of wedding ceremonies. The document you sent us helps understanding how the ceremony will unfold. On the day of the wedding, our musicians will arrive at least 20 min before the prelude to go over each selection, with the minister or wedding planner, as well as getting all the necessary cues to perform each selection in harmony during the different processionals. That said, if you wish to have music coordinator come to the ceremony rehearsal and sample selected songs while rehearsing processionals: $100 plus mileage.
My event is outside? Do you perform at outdoor events and are there any stipulations?
Allianz provides you with an invoice. We accept cheek and direct deposit. There is an option to pay by credit card via PayPal but you will be incurred a 3% fee for any amount pay aside from the deposit payment
How do you accept payment?
How does it work?
Of all the options, we recommend the string quartet (2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello) because it is most representative of the orchestral string family. It is the most sonically-balanced and aurally-pleasing of the ensembles. Additionally, most string repertoire is written for string quartet - both classical and modern. Especially when playing modern pieces, the string quartet simulates the typical 4-musician band make-up (singer, guitarist, bassist, drums). When booking a string quartet, you are ensuring the best quality in ensemble and musical arrangement.
• String Quartet (2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello) • String Trio (2 violins, 1 cello OR 1 violin, 1 viola, 1 cello, depending on musical selection; either way, the quality of music will not be impacted as the parts are interchangeable) • String Duo (1 violin, 1 cello) • Solo (violin, cello, or piano) • Brass Quintet • Mixed Instrument Ensembles (Flute, Violin, Cello) • We are open to tailoring ensembles to your liking. Please inquire.
A song that I would like at my event is not listed on your repertoire page. Can I request a particular song?
If the venue requires the musicians to carry liability insurance. An additional $120 will apply. With this fund, we will purchase the policy for the day of the event via Note that in most cases the venue will waive it as we do not use any electric outlet.
If you cancel within the next 5 days of booking, we will refund 100%. After that, the deposit is not refundable, however, you can use this refund as a deposit for any musical need within the next 24 months. We can provide our service for a Private party, corporate event, family’s wedding celebration, wedding anniversary, romantic dinner etc... That way you are not losing your deposit and will have the opportunity to hire our musicians in the near future
Does Allianz need to be at the wedding rehearsal?
We always dress "Concert Black". If you would rather we wear something different please let us know at the time of booking and we may be able to cater for you.
Is there someone that can help me with picking songs for my event?
Yes, of course! If there is a song you would like to be played at your event that is not listed in our repertoire, we can have one of our arrangers create a custom arrangement of the song for you. We charge $125 for each custom arrangement To arrange a song, it takes around 2-4 hours depending on the complexity of the piece. We require a minimum of 2 months for this service.